Posted by: Kath Usitalo | October 4, 2012

Homefront: Time To Get A Dog

Tucker the Wonder Dog, tennis ball secured, on a morning romp along Lake Michigan

October is Adopt-A-Shelter Dog Month.

Nearly six years ago we found Tucker the Wonder Dog at the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society (LTBHS) in Harbor Springs.

In honor of his uncertain lineage they’d named him “Sausage.”  We changed that, and his fate. And our routine. And it’s been good.

This dog, guess-timated to be part Terrier and part Australian Shepherd, has a lot of energy. While in the 313 I try to take Tuck to the city dog park for some exercise every morning.

At Blue Skies in the Upper Peninsula we’ve been hitting the beach for some tennis ball-chasing (I throw, he chases) two or three times a day. This summer he discovered that he loves to charge into the waves, and insists on running into Lake Michigan even as the temperatures cool down.

It’s a long way from LTBHS, a no-kill, non-profit organization that since 1953 has sheltered and cared for cats and dogs in need of a permanent home. LTBHS is just one of the bazillion places to find cats and dogs waiting for adoption.

Consider adopting from a shelter. If you cannot do that, your donation would be most welcome.




  1. WOW! Lake Mich is low. I thought so too, as we recently crossed the mighty Mack, but seeing Tucker running the beach of exposed rocks is believing. Hope it just means low “tide” for now.

    • It’s never been this low. Huge sandbar. The water did come back up temporarily when the wind and waves picked up, but of course it didn’t last. Do hope we get lots of snow this winter!

  2. As the proud pet “mom” to two Golden Retriever shelter rescue dogs, I can say with conviction that rescue is the only way to go. We have two of the best dogs ever and I feel lucky and fortunate and blessed to have them in our lives. They both are truly the best gifts I’ve ever received — and they keep on giving and giving and giving. Adopt, adopt, adopt — you won’t regret it!!!

    • And they’re lucky to have you as their Mom!

  3. Sausage is actually the worst name ever

    • Ha ha I think you’re right

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