Posted by: Kath Usitalo | October 8, 2012

Where?Wednesday Winner

This gigantic interpretation of Michigan’s State Bird is on M-119, Harbor Springs

A passionate traveler to the northern reaches of her home state, Janna Shamery of Hudsonville, Michigan, correctly identified the location of the gargantuan robin featured in last week’s Where?Wednesday quiz. Just in time for the election, she’ll be sporting the prize of a vintage “Detroit Loves A Good Party” button.

Janna knew that the big bird is at home near the Tip of the Mitt on M-119 in Harbor Springs, and says she was able to identify it because she’s travelled the area well. “We love everything up-north. I check out Pure Michigan a lot, pick a city, and we take off and go see!”

M-119 is also known as “The Tunnel of Trees” for the arching limbs over the narrow, two-lane highway along Lake Michigan. The Scenic Heritage Route—especially scenic during fall color season— covers about 20 curvy miles from Harbor Springs to historic Cross Village.

Our Ritch Branston can fish from Rapid River

The metal sculpture of Michigan’s State Bird sits just off M-119 in front of the minty green building that houses Hramiec Hoffman Gallery. Mary Hramiec Hoffman sells her original scenes of Michigan in oils, giclee canvas prints, posters and cards, and her husband Mark Hoffman handles the business end of the business.

The robin was created by Ritch Branstrom of Rapid River, who transforms found objects—aka junk—into amazing creatures, from giant mosquitos to the 12′ tall Rusty the Dog. We own one of his more manageable sculptures, a fish crafted from a can and other odds and ends.

Plan a fall drive with this map of the Tunnel of Trees route, and be sure to stop to see the robin and pop into the Hramiec Hoffman Gallery.

Watch for the next chance to play along with Where?Wednesday.

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