Posted by: Kath Usitalo | October 16, 2012

Great Lakes Gazette Teaches Teachers About Great Lakes Whale Watching

Researching whale watching on the Great Lakes (NOAA photo)

Last week hundreds of Arkansas teachers attending a professional development workshop titled “Using Scientific News in the Classroom” were directed to my Great Lakes Gazette post about Whale Watching On The Great Lakes.

With the e-mailed request for permission to reference the story came the explanation:

Articles will be used in a professional development program for high school biology teachers. Activities will include presentation of news articles in order to show teachers how they can pull information from those articles related to specific standards. Teachers will learn to use information from the articles for instructional activities such as having students design their own classroom assessment items, summarizing scientific processes, designing investigations, and connecting the content to other standards.

Now, readers, before you are either:

  1. impressed that the Great Lakes Gazette has been recognized as a valuable resource by the academe
  2. worried about the instructors, the students and the state of education in Arkansas

please note that the following accompanied their reprint of my story, which appeared at Great Lakes Gazette on April 1:

“The passage “Whale Watching on the Great Lakes” will be used as an example of the need to use discernment when locating news articles in any media outlet. It should not be presumed that anything in print or on the Internet is true. Developing the practice of cross-checking sources is always advisable. And, checking posting dates on blogs is also recommended.

I don’t know how the April Fool’s Day story came to the attention of the developers of that educational program in Arkansas, but it’s given a whale of a boost to the number of visits to the Great Lakes Gazette!

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