Posted by: Kath Usitalo | November 7, 2012

Homefront: Cleaning House

A vintage booklet from Kellogg’s

It’s fall cleaning time.

Serious decluttering is in order, but that means I’ll have to get rid of treasures like this booklet from 1938. It’s got some fun facts (“It has been said that a bee travels upwards of 44,000 miles to gather a single pound of honey.”) but basically it’s a 40-page ad for Kellogg’s All-Bran. It has recipes and promotes the amazing qualities of the cereal, spelled out in articles including “What is meant by ‘A Natural Laxative Food?'” and “It’s Fun to Keep ‘Regular.'”

Okay, maybe the best thing about the publication is the cover art. Into the “out” box it goes.




  1. Are you sure? I think I’d find a seal-able plastic carton for treasures like these and keep them around another generation or two.

    • I know, I’m torn. I have held onto it for so long. Certainly would not just throw it out. I’ll be sure to find it a good home! (maybe mine, afterall… 😉

  2. That front cover is a treasure!!

  3. Remember the movie with, I believe, Anthony Hopkins, as Kellogg and the discussion on being regular.

    • “The Road to Wellville” based on the book by T.C. Boyle

      • Yes! Thanks for the name of the film/book.

  4. This makes great art for a kitchen. It’s a slice of nostalgia for an ideal that never quite existed except in the minds of ad men, magazine publishers and cereal manufacturers. I researched this and learned it was the cover of a product put out by Kellogg. I would frame the whole thing and give it as a gift to a Martha Stewart-type woman of your acquaintance. On the other hand, you could compost your copy and make the ones now selling on ebay (for $10 or less) just a wee bit more rare.

  5. I know, I love it. The cover, not the movie. Haven’t seen that yet, though I meant to rent it and forgot about it, Min. Very interesting stuff related to that in Battle Creek, on my “to do” list.

  6. Take a picture of whatever you “can’t part with”……then get rid of it. You’ll have the picture to look at SHOULD you miss what you got rid of.

  7. You could artfully mount, frame, & display it like I did with the wonderful 1938 cover of Kotiliesi, which was thoughtfully passed on to me from you. Thank you, again for having faith that it ended up someplace where it is cherished and has drawn interest & discussion from many a guest. God bless Auntie Elsie. And I repeat, “God bless the pack-rats, for they are the keepers of nostalgia”. E.V.

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