Posted by: Kath Usitalo | November 29, 2012

Glass Stories Connect Across the Web

Paige studies Dale Chihuly’s “Fern Green Tower” in the Admissions Lobby at Corning Museum of Glass

From the Great Minds Think Alike Department…

The other day when I posted a story about the American Studio Glass movement and Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York, I heard from Dominique King, who has been publishing her Midwest Guest blog since August 2008.

We both live in the Detroit Metro area and cover a lot of the same territory in the Great Lakes region, but have never met. She dropped a note to let me know that she’d recently visited the Toledo Museum of Art (TMA) and was writing about the TMA Glass Pavilion, which tells the centuries-old story of glass through more than 5,000 pieces in a collection started by local industrialist Edward Drummond Libbey. The history includes the 1962 birth of American Studio Glass at the TMA, which I mentioned in my November 26 post.

Check out Dominique’s November 29 story at Midwest Guest. 

I haven’t been to the TMA since the Glass Pavilion opened in 2006 but I’m ready to head south of the border to see the raved-about architecture of the glass-walled building. It’s located on the TMA campus and admission to both facilities is free. TMA is closed only on Mondays, Christmas Day, Independence Day and Thanksgiving Day.

In the meantime, thanks to the reach of the www, Dominque and I plan to meet and compare notes over coffee.

Or, given the topic that helped make the connection, a glass of something.

Visitor Info Click:

Toledo, Ohio



  1. A glass of ice tea, perhaps? 🙂
    I love making connections over shared interests, and I’ve enjoyed following your Great Lakes Gazette for some time now.
    I think writing about Chihuly’s works across the Midwest would keep both of us busy for quite some time!

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