Posted by: Kath Usitalo | January 3, 2013

On the Tenth Day of Christmas…

Up North Bar

Edie’s Log Bar

…I share with you these pix:

Ten Stools at Edie’s

Eastern Market

Nine Bags of Cashews

Peaceful pond not far from Naubinway in the UPEight Ducks A Swimming

Dairy Barn, Michigan State FairSeven State Fair Cows

Old cabin, Grand IslandSix Daisies Blooming

Cousins at the Hessel boat showFive Happy Cousins

In Germany to see a flying pig means that all things are possible Four Flying Pigs

Volunteers at Heidelberg Project street partyThree Hip Detroiters

1. Bygone tomatoes:Kath Usitalo_4356Two Pecks Tomatoes


Sweetest Heart of Mary Catholic Church, DetroitAn Angel in a Lovely Church

This is the tenth in the Great Lakes Gazette series, The 12 Pix of Christmas.

Click on each of the above to see previous photos.

Today’s Location: Edie’s Log Bar, Baldwin


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