Posted by: Kath Usitalo | February 22, 2013

Friday Freebie: Beethoven and the DSO

Beethoven9-BannerThis is actually an announcement on Friday of a Freebie this weekend:

It’s a Beethoven bacchanal from Orchestra Hall as the Detroit Symphony performs the Ninth Symphony in a live webcast at 3 p.m. Sunday, February 24. Leonard Slatkin conducts.

But wait, there’s more! Listen to Symphonies 1 – 8 by the DSO On Demand for 24 hours beginning at noon EST on Saturday, February 23. It’s the culmination of the month-long Beethoven Festival, in which Slatkin conducted the orchestra in all nine symphonies during the month of February. Live webcasts were available following each of those performances.

Now you can hear them all in one weekend.


Check out the details at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra website and enjoy the music!

“…the greatest mountains to be climbed by any conductor and orchestra are the nine symphonies by Ludwig van Beethoven. Each work shows the composer in a different light, ranging from Mozartian elegance to Wagnerian drama.”

        – Leonard Slatkin



  1. Your brother and I will be at the 3:00 performance. Listen for us…. maybe I should cough during a quiet moment (if there is such a thing in a Beethoven symphony)!

  2. COOOOL. Will be listening for your cough, and the disapproving “hhhhrrrmphs” of your neighbors.
    On second thought, don’t risk the glares and stares. We’ll just enjoy knowing you’re there in the audience.
    But if I hear the sound of an elbow to the ribs followed by a snort I’ll know you woke Gord up :-).

  3. Hey – I am more of a Classical music fan than Mary Lou!

    • Okay, vicey versey. Enjoy!

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