Posted by: Kath Usitalo | March 12, 2013

Where? Wednesday Winner

Where in Michigan will you find this chalkboard?

As Michigan beer lovers know, you’ll find this chalkboard at Short’s Brewing Company in beautiful downtown Bellaire

Last week’s Where? Wednesday was an especially fun one, not only because it drew the most responses of all Where? Wednesday quizzes to date but because Michigan beer lovers know their stuff and most shared a personal experience or two about the location.

Of dozens of entries almost everyone knew that this board listing the small-batch, fresh-brewed beers is located above the taps at Short’s Brewing Company in Bellaire, Michigan.

This is a fantastic spot not only for beer but socializing with friends old and new, including founder Joe Short. I had a chance to experience that camaraderie during a night on the town while visiting the nearby Shanty Creek Resort. I’ll delve into that soon: keep an eye out for that story.

In the meantime we had to choose a Where? Wednesday winner and did a random draw from correct entries to select Konrad Kulacki of Ann Arbor. He and his wife visited Short’s on a trip to the Traverse City area for their anniversary, a visit conveniently timed to the brew company’s annual anniversary party. As Konrad says,

“…I certainly have a lot of craft beer and Michigan travel experiences.  I’m definitely a big craft beer geek, and big fan of many of the craft breweries in our Great Beer State.

My wife and I enjoy doing tours at breweries around the state, and try to make it out to the Michigan Brewers Guild festivals.  The only one we’ve missed so far is the U.P. beerfest, which we hope to hit this fall.

I’m a big fan of Shorts Brewco, and love the fact that they made a conscious decision to limit their beer distribution to their home state of Michigan.  It’s great that they take care of the locals first.

Around here, you can typically find me enjoying a beer from one of the five craft breweries in Ann Arbor, or down at Ashley’s enjoying some more variety.”

Kongrats, Konrad!

You win an authentically vintage (i.e. used, circa 19xx?) coaster straight from a tavern in beautiful downtown Hamtramck, Michigan!49d6544a05696_70587b

PLEASE FOLLOW Great Lakes Gazette so you don’t miss the the upcoming story about Short’s Brewing Company, including the wonderful testimony from others who guessed the Where? Wednesday location.

Visitor Info Clicks:

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