Posted by: Kath Usitalo | March 26, 2013

Where? Wednesday Winner Makes My Day

Where in Michigan will you find these rustic roadside cabins?

These rustic roadside cabins are holding down the fort during the off season alongside US-2 west of St. Ignace

This week’s Where? Wednesday winner not only identified the location of the roadside cabins on US-2 in the Upper Peninsula, she made my day with her comments about the Great Lakes Gazette!

The nine rustic “frontier” cabins and motel make up the  Pointe La Barbe Inn, on the highway three miles west of St. Ignace.

For her effort Kerry Lewis of East Lansing wins a vintage, cut-out, make-it-yourself paper fort. She shares that, “I really wanted to win that Polish beer coaster last week, but I didn’t know the answer to that question 🙂  We are all excited about getting the paper plate fort too!Fort_cardboard_frnt_3.14.13

“I have been following Great Lakes Gazette for a couple of years, and have gotten lots of great suggestions for places to visit. I am from East Lansing, and my husband and I (and 3 kids ages 12, 11, and 9) like to travel all over the state and make ‘discoveries’.

“We don’t get to the UP too often, but were just up there last fall in the porcupines camping in the cabins, and I’ve always liked that drive along US 2 west of the bridge. I remember snippets of it from when I was a kid (pulling off to the side of the road to go swimming, even though the water was FRIGID!)

“Thanks to your blog, we’ve discovered the Polish Village cafe in Hamtramck (we now go there every year at Christmas break), Detroit’s Eastern Market, and Gemignani’s Italian restaurant in Hancock, among others. So, thanks!”

Thank YOU, Kerry. It’s good to know folks are getting something of value out of the Great Lakes Gazette—makes it all worthwhile.

Watch for the next Where? Wednesday and a chance to win another dubious prize related to the Great Lakes State.


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