Posted by: Kath Usitalo | March 27, 2013

Contest Corner: Win a Trip on a Great Lakes Freighter

You won't have to touch the taconite if you win a trip on the 1004-foot Edwin H. Gott

You won’t have to touch the taconite if you win a trip on the 1004-foot Edwin H. Gott (photo via

Now that the Soo Locks have opened for the season and shipping is underway throughout the Great Lakes, it’s time to buy your ticket for a chance to experience life on the inland seas aboard one of the hard-working lake boats. Without the hard work.

Lakers haul iron ore pellets (taconite), limestone , cement and coal. There’s no swimming pool, umbrella drinks or shopping mall on board. Although they’re not the pleasure cruises on the passenger ships that occasionally travel around the Great Lakes, you won’t have to swab the deck for your keep, the accommodations are comfortable in private staterooms and, as any BoatNerd knows, the food that comes out of these galleys is legendary.

You might win a trip on the Roger Blough, 858' long with a 105' beam

You might win a trip on the Roger Blough, 858′ long with a 105′ beam (photo via

It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that’s not for sale; you can only hope to win it in a benefit raffle.

BoatNerd.Com, based on the St. Clair River in Port Huron, is THE website for fans of Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping. The website periodically lists contests that award the rare on-board opportunity, and two trips are now on the schedule.

Maybe it’s because decades ago both my dad and older brother John had stints as sailors on Great Lakes freighters, but a trip on one of these vessels holds some romance for me and has been on my To Do list since I learned about the raffles. One of the drawings is on my birthday; maybe it will be my lucky day!

Click below for more information:

Trips must take place during the summer of 2013, and specific dates will be arranged based on the shipping schedules. You need not be present at the drawings to win.

Check BoatNerd.Com for new raffles that are added periodically.

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You can’t win if you don’t enter!

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  1. The Great Lakes Engineering should restart their company and build the Daniel J Morrell 2, the Edmund Fitzgerald two (twice the size as before,) the Cedarville 2, and the Carl D Bradley 2.

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