1. First,i gotta say that this is one good job that you are doing,i keep reading it over and over again. oh,let me introduce myself.Greetings. My name is Paul J. Kieru. I am a mass communication/Journalism student in Kenya, which is also my birth and home country. I have reached a stage in my collegiate experience that requires i undertake an industrial attachment to put to practical use the theoretical skills, technique and knowledge that i have acquired in the course of my learning. Given this chance, I seek to exploit my knowledge to better enhance the company’s goals by providing international experience as well as creating global and interracial awareness amongst my colleagues. In the process, I hope to gain the aforementioned as well as exposure to different working conditions and cultures. I also seek to gain more experience to be better equipped to handle projects and assignments as demanded by my work provision. Thank you in Advance, and God bless.
    So basically get to email me and we shall get to talk more….God bless.

    • Thank you for your interest and kind words. Congratulations on your studies!

  2. Hey Kathy,
    I was browsing around on Kathy’s “Open the Door…” blogroll and stopped here! What a delight! I immediately recognized your name from your stopping by there and am really glad I stopped here…..beautiful pictures and thoughts. I’ll make this a daily stop… 🙂

    • Glad to have you. Thanks!

  3. Do you have other areas you take pics of, i mean other than detroit? That remains wonderful work you do!

    • This blog so far has been dedicated to Michigan so there are photos throughout the state, beyond the Detroit area.
      Eventually I will roam to other parts of the Great Lakes Region: Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Minnesota, and Ontario, Canada.
      Thanks for checking back!

  4. Dear Kath … Hope this isn’t a repeat. I find Facebook difficult to navigate and prefer to use email. (Got on Facebook by mistake!) By the way, glad you didn’t kill Dutch Leonard, too. Think greatlakes gazette is a great job. Have you ever done anything on the Rowe Inn?Special greetings to Sue P. Hope to hear from you via email when you have a moment. Mary

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