Posted by: Kath Usitalo | January 3, 2011

A Holiday Tea With Scones And Tears (Mine)

Paige's Holiday Tea table

On Sunday Paige hosted her second annual holiday tea party for her girlfriends, and I was blown away—again—by the cool, calm and collected way she handled everything from tidying up the house to setting the table to preparing tea sandwiches and sweets, including her favorite scones.

Some of the tea-rrific goodies

As tea time neared and she placed cucumber slices on tiny bread slices she said, “I love having people over.” (Perhaps because the house is relatively clean for those occasions?)

The ten lovely ladies arrived, on time, dressed for a party and looking so grown up. They spent a couple of hours chatting, laughing, sipping punch and tea, and enjoying a gift exchange (not so much eating—-they must be prepping for Prom).

Paige's scones were delish; click on "her favorite scones" (above) for the recipe

Ten lovely ladies entering the final stretch of their high school careers and looking forward to going in different directions and college this fall.

The gathering, the chatter, the thoughts about the wonderful things ahead for these bright, funny (and did I mention lovely?) young ladies brought a tear to my eye.

I have a feeling I’ll be going through lots of tissues in the coming months.

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A tea to start the New Year, and National Hot Tea Month



  1. Nice job, Paige! And a “lovely” post, Kath – from teary-eyed Yoop cousin.

    • Time flies; can’t believe the girlz are young adults. Sniff sniff 😉

  2. Beautifully done. Teas are another almost lost treasure.

    • Another “theme” experience for Bygone Basics!

  3. Poignant.

  4. Beautiful table and a must try recipe. I’m on the same tearful, proud train you are this year as we say good bye to conference, progress reports and report cards given to us! The girls have grown into such interesting and loving ladies that I have renewed hope for the planet. Thanks for sharing.

    • How the years have flown!

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